Salary Range for Conference Services Manager in Accommodation

The salary range for the Conference Services Manager position in the Accommodation industry is typically between $50,000 to $90,000 per year. However, this can vary based on the size of the company, location, and level of experience.

Sample Job Description for Conference Services Manager in Accommodation Industry

Job Objective:

The Conference Services Manager Is Responsible For Overseeing All Aspects Of Conference And Event Planning, Including Organizing, Coordinating, And Executing All Activities Related To Conferences, Meetings, And Special Events.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor'S Degree In Hospitality Management Or Related Field 2. Experience In Event Planning And Conference Management 3. Strong Communication And Organizational Skills 4. Ability To Work Well Under Pressure And Meet Tight Deadlines 5. Knowledge Of Hotel Operations And Event Technology 6. Proficiency In Microsoft Office And Event Management Software 7. Excellent Customer Service And Interpersonal Skills 8. Attention To Detail And Ability To Multitask 9. Budget Management Skills 10. Flexibility And Adaptability To Changing Circumstances

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop And Execute Conference And Event Plans, Including Budgets, Timelines, And Resource Allocations. 2. Coordinate With Internal And External Stakeholders To Ensure Successful Execution Of Events. 3. Manage Vendor Relationships And Negotiate Contracts. 4. Oversee Event Registration, Logistics, And Onsite Management. 5. Develop And Maintain Relationships With Clients And Stakeholders. 6. Ensure Compliance With All Legal And Ethical Standards. 7. Monitor And Evaluate Event Performance And Make Recommendations For Improvement. 8. Provide Leadership And Guidance To Conference Services Staff. 9. Participate In Industry Events And Conferences. 10. Maintain Up-To-Date Knowledge Of Industry Trends And Best Practices.

Top 10 Employers for Conference Services Manager in Accommodation:

1. Marriott International - HQ Location: Bethesda, Maryland - Website: 2. Hilton Worldwide - HQ Location: McLean, Virginia - Website: 3. Hyatt Hotels Corporation - HQ Location: Chicago, Illinois - Website: 4. InterContinental Hotels Group - HQ Location: Denham, United Kingdom - Website: 5. AccorHotels - HQ Location: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France - Website: 6. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts - HQ Location: Toronto, Canada - Website: 7. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts - HQ Location: Parsippany, New Jersey - Website: 8. Radisson Hotel Group - HQ Location: Brussels, Belgium - Website: 9. Best Western Hotels & Resorts - HQ Location: Phoenix, Arizona - Website: 10. Choice Hotels International - HQ Location: Rockville, Maryland - Website:

Career Path for Conference Services Manager in Accommodation:

1. Entry-level position in hospitality or event management (1-2 years) 2. Event Coordinator or Assistant Conference Services Manager (2-4 years) 3. Conference Services Manager or Senior Event Manager (4-6 years) 4. Director of Conference Services or Director of Event Management (6-10 years) 5. Vice President of Conference Services or Chief Events Officer (10+ years) Recommended number of years in each position is a guideline only and can vary based on individual experience and company requirements.

Top 5 Countries by Conference Services Manager in Accommodation:

1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. Canada 4. Australia 5. Germany

Top 5 Countries with Established Accommodation:

1. United States 2. China 3. Japan 4. Germany 5. United Kingdom

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