Salary Range for Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing

The salary range for the role of Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing companies varies based on factors such as experience, skills, and location. On average, the salary range for this role is between $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

Sample Job Description for Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing Industry

Job Objective:

The Formulation Chemist In Adhesive Manufacturing Is Responsible For Developing And Testing New Adhesive Formulations And Improving Existing Ones. The Chemist Must Ensure That The Adhesive Meets The Required Specifications And Complies With Safety Standards. They Must Also Collaborate With Other Departments Such As Research And Development, Quality Control, And Production To Ensure The Smooth Running Of Operations.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor'S Or Master'S Degree In Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Or Related Field. 2. Minimum Of 3 Years Of Experience In Adhesive Formulation. 3. Strong Knowledge Of Polymer Chemistry And Rheology. 4. Experience In Using Analytical And Testing Equipment. 5. Knowledge Of Industry Regulations And Standards. 6. Proficient In Data Analysis And Report Writing. 7. Good Communication And Interpersonal Skills. 8. Ability To Work In A Team Environment. 9. Attention To Detail And Problem-Solving Skills. 10. Ability To Work With Minimum Supervision.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop New Adhesive Formulations And Improve Existing Ones. 2. Conduct Experiments To Test The Adhesive Properties And Performance. 3. Collaborate With Other Departments To Ensure Quality Control And Compliance With Safety Standards. 4. Analyze Data And Prepare Reports. 5. Troubleshoot And Resolve Formulation And Production Issues. 6. Evaluate New Raw Materials And Suppliers. 7. Keep Up-To-Date With Industry Trends And Advancements. 8. Participate In Product Development And Innovation Projects. 9. Maintain Accurate Records And Documentation. 10. Provide Technical Support To Other Departments.

Top 10 Employers for Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing:

1. 3M Company, Minnesota, USA, 2. Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf, Germany, 3. H.B. Fuller Company, Minnesota, USA, 4. Avery Dennison Corporation, California, USA, 5. Bostik SA, Paris, France, 6. Sika AG, Baar, Switzerland, 7. Ashland Global Holdings Inc., Delaware, USA, 8. The Dow Chemical Company, Michigan, USA, 9. Huntsman Corporation, Texas, USA, 10. Eastman Chemical Company, Tennessee, USA,

Career Path for Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing:

1. Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field. 2. Laboratory Technician or Research Assistant (1-2 years). 3. Formulation Chemist Junior (3-5 years). 4. Formulation Chemist (5-10 years). 5. Senior Formulation Chemist or Technical Manager (10+ years).

Top 5 Countries by Formulation Chemist in Adhesive Manufacturing:

1. United States 2. Germany 3. France 4. United Kingdom 5. Canada

Top 5 Countries with Established Adhesive Manufacturing:

1. United States 2. Germany 3. Japan 4. China 5. South Korea

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