Salary Range for Furniture Finisher in All Other Wood Product Manufacturing

The salary range for a Furniture Finisher in the All Other Wood Product Manufacturing industry typically ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on experience, skills, and location.

Sample Job Description for Furniture Finisher in All Other Wood Product Manufacturing Industry

Job Description:

A Furniture Finisher In The All Other Wood Product Manufacturing Industry Is Responsible For Applying Finishes To Wooden Furniture Products To Enhance Their Appearance And Protect Them From Damage. They Work With A Variety Of Finishing Materials, Such As Stains, Varnishes, Lacquers, And Paints, And Use Various Techniques To Achieve The Desired Finish. The Job Objective Of A Furniture Finisher Is To Ensure That The Furniture Products Meet High-Quality Standards And Customer Specifications.

Job Requirements:

1. High School Diploma Or Equivalent. 2. Proven Experience As A Furniture Finisher Or Related Role. 3. Strong Knowledge Of Different Types Of Wood Finishes. 4. Familiarity With Various Application Techniques, Including Spraying, Brushing, And Wiping. 5. Ability To Read And Interpret Furniture Specifications And Finishing Instructions. 6. Attention To Detail And A Keen Eye For Color And Texture. 7. Knowledge Of Safety Procedures And Proper Handling Of Finishing Materials. 8. Good Physical Stamina And The Ability To Stand For Extended Periods. 9. Excellent Hand-Eye Coordination And Manual Dexterity. 10. Strong Problem-Solving Skills And The Ability To Work Independently Or As Part Of A Team.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Prepare Furniture Surfaces For Finishing By Sanding, Filling, And Repairing Imperfections. 2. Apply Stains, Varnishes, Lacquers, Or Paints To Furniture Using Appropriate Techniques. 3. Ensure Even Coverage And Smooth Finish By Removing Drips, Runs, Or Imperfections. 4. Use Tools Such As Brushes, Spray Guns, And Wipes To Apply Finishes. 5. Follow Safety Procedures When Handling Finishing Materials And Use Protective Equipment. 6. Inspect Finished Furniture Products For Quality And Make Any Necessary Touch-Ups Or Repairs. 7. Maintain A Clean And Organized Work Area, Including Proper Storage Of Finishing Materials. 8. Collaborate With Other Team Members, Such As Designers And Carpenters, To Achieve The Desired Results. 9. Keep Up-To-Date With Industry Trends And New Finishing Techniques. 10. Adhere To Company Policies And Quality Standards.

Top 10 Employers for Furniture Finisher in All Other Wood Product Manufacturing:

1. ABC Woodworks - HQ Location: New York, USA - Website: 2. XYZ Furniture Co. - HQ Location: London, UK - Website: 3. WoodCrafters Inc. - HQ Location: California, USA - Website: 4. FineFinish Furniture - HQ Location: Sydney, Australia - Website: 5. WoodMaster Designs - HQ Location: Toronto, Canada - Website: 6. Crafted Woodworks - HQ Location: Mumbai, India - Website: 7. TimberCraft Industries - HQ Location: Auckland, New Zealand - Website: 8. WoodArtisan Ltd. - HQ Location: Paris, France - Website: 9. Wooden Creations - HQ Location: Melbourne, Australia - Website: 10. EliteWood Manufacturing - HQ Location: Berlin, Germany - Website:

Career Path for Furniture Finisher in All Other Wood Product Manufacturing:

1. Entry-Level Position: Woodworking Apprentice or Assistant - Recommended years: 1-2 years 2. Intermediate Position: Furniture Finisher Trainee - Recommended years: 2-3 years 3. Junior Position: Junior Furniture Finisher - Recommended years: 3-5 years 4. Senior Position: Furniture Finisher - Recommended years: 5-7 years 5. Managerial Position: Finishing Department Manager - Recommended years: 7+ years

Top 5 Countries by Furniture Finisher in All Other Wood Product Manufacturing:

1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. Australia 4. Canada 5. Germany

Top 5 Countries with Established All Other Wood Product Manufacturing:

1. China 2. United States 3. Germany 4. Canada 5. Japan

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